Home Refinance Closing Costs – Things You Should Know

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Home refinancing closing costs should be consider before signing a contract. You can actually lose money on closing costs if you aren’t careful. Shopping lenders can help you find lower fees, but you may find other financing options have lower costs.

Length Of Time To Recoup Costs

While the general rule of thumb is to keep a loan for two years to recoup closing costs, it isn’t a hard fast rule. For one, if you only have five years left on your loan, then refinancing won’t save you money since you have already paid most of the loan’s interest. There are also other reasons for refinancing, such as reducing terms or improve caps on an ARM.

To know if you can save money by refinancing, take the time to do a little math. Add up your current mortgage’s interest costs for the rest of the term. Compare this with the cost of refinancing and the new loan’s interest cost. If you can see a savings, then refinance for those better rates.

Lenders Charge Different Fees

Most people are surprised to find that lenders charge different fees. While the standard is a couple of thousands, points can also increase costs. Since rates and fees vary so widely between packages, a better number to compare is the APR, which gives the true cost of the loan.

Online research can yield thousands of dollars in savings. Within a few minutes you can receive several quotes from a mortgage broker. You can also request quotes from individual lenders’ sites too.

Variety Of Refinancing Options

There are several ways to refinance your mortgage. You can choose an ARM, fixed-rate, or hybrid. You can also reduce your loan term or increase yearly payments to lower interest costs. Each option has pros and cons, and should be considered with your unique budget.

Another option to access your equity is to use a line of credit or home equity loan. These two options don’t have the closing costs of a traditional mortgage, but they don’t lower the rate on your principal.

Before refinancing, make sure that you will save money by researching both loans and lenders.

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